The Father Bob Maguire Foundation is a secular humanist organisation made up of employees and volunteers from a variety of religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  Our volunteer roles vary from administrative office based to youth mentors and tutors, community meals, community pantry, street outreach, fundraising and support for our Board.

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that the Volunteer Experience is rich and rewarding for our supporters and the wider community.
We recognise that volunteers are an essential, valuable and vital contribution to our work.

Our goal for the Volunteer Experience is that the work should be beneficial for the volunteers, the organisation, community projects and all members of the community who need a hand up.

It is a wonderful experience being involved with Father Bob's Foundation and the food van. I can say the benefits of being involved have also made a positive difference to my life. I was looking forward to each week, the wonderful mix of volunteers, the people we would serve, the familiar faces, the involvement around simple things such as making coffees for people or serving food and the positive conversations that follow.


All Volunteers must be over 18 and hold a Victorian Working with Children Check card.

The Volunteer Experience is what makes ours a true community Foundation.
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Community Meals
Tutoring School Kids