We are a small organisation making big changes in the City of Port Phillip. We can be considered a pilot project and an example of how society can be more socially and materially inclusive of all its members.

Apart from Fr Bob, who doesn't seem to have an off button and is still working in his 80's, and a skeleton of full time and part time staff, most of the behind the scenes heavy lifting, as well as the frontline work, is done by dedicated and exceptional volunteers.

The main organisers are listed below:

Fr Bob Maguire: Chairman and Founder

Trish Apiti: Receptionist/Office Manager

Paul Brophy: General Manager

Nick Christoforou: Media Assistant

Graham Collier: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Community Meals coordinator 

Anice Curlis: Social Worker  

Ellen Frajman: Monday Community Meal Coordinator (Temple Beth Israel) 

Matt Houching: Youth Engagement Manager

Peta Knights: Bookkeeper

Deb Korman: Tuesday Community Meal Coordinator (Kehilat Nitzan) 

Henry Nissen: Community Worker

Donna Paxton: Community Pantry Co-ordinator

Yen Siow: RoboBus Program Manager

Mark Young: Outreach Manager