Advocacy and Innovation

There isn’t a day that our staff and volunteers aren’t working actively with the community to make their lives easier, safer and more fulfilling. We also work with like-minded organisations to implement new and sustainable solutions to people who need support. We do it with love and without judgement.

partnership with Monash OAKLEIGH Legal Service

Law students under qualified supervision, work with our community services team to deliver free legal advice and advocacy to community members who can't afford legal representation. The students attend a seminar delivered by our outreach worker, attend street outreach locations with our team and work with our experienced staff through the consultation process. This exposure to community services puts students in good stead in understanding the issues of homeless and disadvantaged people.

Due to a combination of social and legal factors, People who do not fit inside the traditional design of the law often slip through the cracks. Working with the Father Bob Maguire Foundation has been an enriching experience, opening up my eyes to the needs of the homeless and socially disadvantaged and to the chasm that exists between mainstream society and those living on the fringe. The partnership between the Monash Oakleigh Legal Service and the Father Bob Foundation was created in an attempt to work out why the legal needs of such people are not being met and how we can build a platform to ensure that they are. 
YONAH (Monash University Law Student)

Our outreach workers talk with clients out on the streets and around the neighbourhood. We go to where they are and ask them about their legal issues. This is the all important first point of contact. Some people are either unable or feel intimidated about walking into spaces they deem institutions. Most have had negative experiences with institutions, have been institutionalised and/or have been have mental health issues and therefor are reluctant or unable to seek help in legal matters.

The longer they put off their legal issues, the more serious the issues become. Some face additional charges of failure to appear at court and increases in fines etc. We have met clients who are in a state of panic every time they see the police. Most of the people we meet and help are not aggressive or violent, they have just found themselves in unfortunate situations.

If you have a legal problem please call: 0474 023 077