We are a small organisation making big changes in the City of Port Phillip. We can be considered a pilot project and an example of how society can be more socially and materially inclusive of all its members .

Apart from Fr Bob who doesn't seem to have an off button and is still working in his 80's, we have 3 full time and 2 part time staff. Most of the heavy lifting and frontline work is done by our dedicated and exceptional volunteers.


                        Our Board

Fr Bob Maguire Executive chairman AM RFD

Founder and Chairman of The Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

Founder of Open Family Foundation

Founder of Emerald Hill Mission

Tony Joyce

 Tony is a Consultant in the Collins Street Law Firm of Wisewould Mahony. He is a Practicing Lawyer with over 50 years experience. In addition to his role as a Practicing Lawyer he is now mentoring younger lawyers in the firm. Tony has assisted Father Bob Maguire since 1975 in a pro bono capacity. In his working life Tony has been involved with the hospitality industry, sporting clubs, community clubs and a large range of individual personal clients. Tony has been married to Mary for over 50 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. Tony is a past President and Life Member of the Victoria Golf Club and is its Legal Advisor.

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