“If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, ‘Why can’t we keep kids in school?’ my education fund would be overflowing!”

A major part of Father Bob's philosophy from the beginning of his community services work of more than four decades, has been to educate young people. Education is key to young people rising out of the poverty cycle. 

Our Education Fund is providing a full education experience for kids from financially-challenged homes in the City of Port Phillip. Without our support, these kids would have fallen through the cracks, through no fault of their own. 

Along with the material aid, we provide mentoring and tutoring in a quiet, friendly and peaceful environment. Some parents don't have the skills to help children with their studies and the home environment is not always conducive to study. 

Unfortunately, there are many more that need our help. We believe that each kid has their own special talent and is a potential innovator, inventor and asset to their own and the wider community. If we’re not careful they will be lost to society, and we will be the poorer for it.

Every dollar you give towards our Education Fund will give a kid the opportunity to flourish and make a productive and positive contributions to our society. They can become role models for the next generation. An education is every child’s birth-right and a societal responsibility.


Kerry has grown up fast, much faster than most 14 year-olds are meant to. Her father left when she was six, but not before a history of family violence towards Kerry’s mother, Christine. Unable to cope with her domestic situation, Christine began to drink heavily and pretty much abandoned her daughter. Kerry spent time in State care. Fortunately, Christine was able to turn her life around with the help of supporting welfare agencies. For the Father Bob Foundation, the pressing issue has been to keep Kerry in school and, in the early years, to find alternative accommodation when Christine’s behaviour became a concern to Kerry’s wellbeing. The Foundation has been working with Kerry and Christine and is proud that Kerry has proven to be a great student. Where once was darkness, the Fr Bob Education Fund has helped to focus light on Kerry’s future.

*Names have changed to protect the privacy of the people involved